Gentaur filtering tips Neptune bt10

Gentaur has filtering tips available for (Neptune) next day delivery in April 2021

Due to the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, some commands appeared back to our 10 ul filter peaks due to the increase in RT PCR of Covid detection in diagnostic laboratories.

1. Filtering tips are essential consumables for COVID-19 PCR testing

Also, BT1250, BT1000, BT300, BT200, BT100 are available for next day delivery from our warehouses in Belgium, Brussels, Sofia Bulgaria, Sopot Poland, Aachen Germany, Potters Bar UK, Paris IV France, Eersel Netherlands and Bergamo Italy.

We deliver to Spain, Finland and Portugal from the largest warehouse in Brussels, Belgium (Zaventem kampenhout airport)

2. An image with 10 u filtered tips, low retention, with shelves, pre-sterile

Filtering Tips Certificate of Analysis

We offer MSDS and IVD laboratory validation certificates for notified bodies for iso validation of PCR laboratory validation of corona virus.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Description Filter tips 10 u, low retention, rack
Catalog # PT10UL Lot # 202103
Tips Materials Polypropylene PP Color white

Filter materials Cast with very high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Date of manufacture 20210305 Production quantity 5000 shelves
Sampling plan Random sampling inspection (GB / T2828.1-2012)
No. Inspection items Quality standard Inspection results
1 Burr surface: No burr at both ends of the tips faults: No defects in any part of the product deformation: No surface defects such as cracking, distortion and deformation contaminate: no oil and other pollutants spot Black: spot no black Qualified
2 Function Low retention Qualified
DNase and RNase Free
3 size According to drawing requirements Qualified
4 Sterile All sterilization, sterility test Qualified
5 Packaging The outer boxes are clean and the packaging is undamaged Qualified The
labels are correct and clear
Conclusion Qualified inspection